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General Inquiries

   What is the minimum age to rent a vehicle?

The minimum age to rent a vehicle is 21 years old. This age requirement to rent a vehicle is not only in Lethbridge and Medicine Hat, but includes Alberta and all of Canada.


Is there a difference between Daily & Weekly Rentals? What about Monthly?

Our goal is to the best long and short term car rental company in Lethbridge and Medicine Hat. To do this, we offer a variety of vehicle rental options. If you’re looking to rent a vehicle longer than 14 days, we encourage you to come in to our store and work with us to personalize your long-term vehicle rental.


What is the cost for additional drivers?

When we created D-Lease & Rentals we decided that if we’re going to be the best car rental company in southern Alberta we had to offer additional driver, free of charge. When you rent a vehicle in Lethbridge or Medicine Hat at D-Lease, we do not charge for additional drivers; it just seems silly to us.


Do you offer fleet pricing & corporate discounts?

Yes, if you’re looking to rent fleet vehicles in Lethbridge or Medicine Hat, we’ll work with your company to create a pricing program that best suits your needs.


What type of small-mid size cars, trucks or vans do you carry?

We carry a large variety of large, small and mid-sized vehicle rentals. From a Buick Verano, to a Chevrolet Suburban we have the vehicle size you’re looking for. Our large variety of quality vehicles is what separates us from other good vehicle rental companies in Lethbridge and Medicine Hat.


Do your rental vehicles allow towing?

Yes, we are the only vehicle rental company in Lethbridge and Medicine Hat that allows our customer to rent vehicle for towing purposes. This is just another reason to choose D-Lease & Rentals.


What kind of truck rentals do you offer?

What makes us a great place to rent a truck in Lethbridge or rent a truck in Medicine Hat is the fact we stock some of the best brand names in truck manufacturing.  We’ve got a large handful of Half Ton, ¾ Tons and full ton GMC and Dodge trucks available for short or long-term rental.

D-Lease & Rental - Car, Truck and Van Rental in Lethbridge & Medicine Hat

D-Lease & Rental offers car rental in Lethbridge and Truck and SUV rental in Medicine Hat. We have the ability to provide transportation or equipment for one day, a lifetime, or any term in between. You tell us what your needs are and we can shape a contract that suits you best. All makes, models and types of vehicles and equipment can be accommodated. We also offer a Commercial Fleet Rental division for businesses across Alberta to rent fleet work vehicles from. 

National Car Rental

D-Lease & Rental has merged into National Car Rental.

What does this mean for me?

1. D-Lease has merged into National Car Rental.

2. This does not affect your current business or contract with D-Lease.

3. We do not require any action from you for this merger.

4. Michael Orr will be your point of contact going forward. Email:

5. A National representative will reach out to you if you require any action.

To you, our valued customers, we will continue to offer the excellent service you expect, while now providing you with the benefits that the National Car Rental company has to offer!

Emerald Club Program
Reward Air miles
Free travel credit around the world
Free Day Rewards Program
One way Rental Calgary and Edmonton
Accounting Management tools
Email Service on every Rental
Contacted Rates with Major business across Canada and US
Emerald Members free Rental Across the World
Free Pick up and Drop off
Free Parking
Emerald Isle locations Pick a Car or SUV and go.
Diesel Trucks hitches and 5th wheel hitches
Bypass the Counter Service in Lethbridge
National Mobile App
Business Rental, Insurance replacement, Leisure
Cube and Cargo units

If you have any further inqiries, do not hesitate to contact Michael Orr at 403-380-3070.

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